• The zoo

    The biggest in the country with an area of 40 hectares, in the middle of woods, yet close to the heart of the city, the zoo from Tirgu Mures houses about 500 animals from 80 different species.


  • The Weekend

    It is the number one place to visit in the summer. The place has swimming pools for adults and children, Olympic pool, football field, tennis, volleyball, ping-pong, a playground for children, numerous terraces with different kinds of food, drink and fun and offers the possibility of rowing on Mures River.

  • Shopping

    Here you have a variety of shops, brands and deals to find exactly what you are looking for. In Tg Mures you have Mures Mall, Promenade mall, Romarta, Luxor, Transylvania and several other large stores and shopping centers. Arm yourself with patience, fancy a long walk and make sure that you have enough time. Enjoy!

  • Medieval fortress

    The current fortress is built on the ruins of the old castle belonging to the Transylvanian voivode Bathory Istvan. It was rebuilt after the Turkish-Tatar invasion in 1601, in a pentagonal shape and it is divided into seven bastions, 5 made by workers’ guilds. It contains the oldest building in town, the Reformed Church from the XIVth century


  • Teleki-Bolyai Library

    The library was built between 1799-1804 under the guidance of its founder, Count Samuel Teleki. To the 40,000 books from the collection of Teleki were added another 80,000 books from the collection of Bolyai, thus forming the Teleki-Bolyai fund. Later other funds of books were added from several traditional libraries from Transylvania.


  • Health tourism

    Targu Mures is a nationally recognized major health center. Here you will find medical units with modern devices and trained personnel, whether public or private. Hospitals, clinics, medical centers, private practices are all available to the patient. The Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy is known internationally and it is an important source for the human resources in these units.

  • Sighișoara

    It is considered one of the most beautiful and well preserved medieval towns in Europe. Streets, houses in the old town, churches and a medieval fortress will definitely give you the impression that you have entered in another age. Here is the birthplace of Vlad Tepes, aka Vlad Dracul who inspired Bram Stoker’s novel – Dracula.

  • The Bear lake

    Bear Lake lies on a salt foundation and is a protected area of national interest. Salt concentration of water reaches 300g / l, with a value easily compared to the Dead Sea, and it gradually decreases towards the surface to 150 g / l of salt.

    Three world records define the Bear Lake resort Sovata, Mures County: the largest lake helioterm in the world, the only salt-water lake surrounded by rich vegetation, and it is the only natural lake in the world on which we have the exact date of formation! It is in 27th May 1875, when there was a collapse of land, thereby creating a geological formation, of carsto-saline nature.

  • Mocănița Sovata

    The Mocănița is a train with steam locomotive built in 1949. All surrounded by steam, the old Mocăniţa hisses through the hills even in our days. In its windowless cars and wooden benches, you can immediately forget the dusty everyday rutine and enter a fantasy world, away from all the noise and bustle. An unforgettable trip on the Sovata – Câmpu Citadel route. On the way you can admire beautiful views with hills and meadows of rare beauty, with fancy transylvanian style houses. This trip is really worth if you visit Sovata. The route has a length of 14 km and the journeys time is two hours, round trip.

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  • Praid salt mine

    A unique climate environment. It is recommended for everyone, and it is no secret that staying in the salt mine microclimate is beneficial to certain health problems. For the healthy people, the underground environment help with skin beautification and revival.

    The recreational base is designed in “Orizont 50”, which lies at a depth of 120 m from surface. The transport of people is made by the mine’s buses over a distance of 1250 m to the gate of the recreational base

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  • Praid salt baths

    The swimming pool is filled with salty water, pumped from the mine at a depth of 150 m. This water stays for a few months in the underground basin and acquires a very high salinity.

    These salt baths, through their rare super-concentrated saline water, attract many tourists and visitors, both from nearby and abroad, and represent in addition to the mine’s recreational base a significant tourism potential and a health and recreational side

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  • Artisanal and traditional crafts from Corund

    Corund ceramics are a well known and specific for Corund village, Harghita county. Once the clay was well kneaded with a little water and cleaned of impurities, it is cut into strips and shaped on the potter’s wheel, until it takes the desired form. After a few days it is put in the oven. Korond vessels are painted by craftsmen with floral designs and stylized animal figures. Ceramics can be white, brown, blue (cobalt) or multicolored.
    Ceramic Fair is always open, here you can purchase handcrafted products of good quality.

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  • Platoul Cornești

    Located at the highest point, Platoul Corneşti offers a superb view over the city. In the heart of an oak and hornbeam forest, near the zoo, there is a large children’s play area, grills and tables, a track for running, outdoor fitness, all made with great attention to detail.

  • Băile sărate Sângeorgiu de Mureș

    Famous for its salty waters and mineral mud,it is a place known since 1880. The exceptional mineralization, through concentration and content (iodine, calcium, magnesium, potassium nitrate), provides real therapeutic virtues for these waters.


  • Wellness

    If you need rest and relaxation,you are definitely going to make the most of one of our wellness centers. You can choose between Aqua Rock Spa near the Promenade mall, Aqua Day Spa at the town entout of town entrance from Sighisoara or Apollo Wellness Club from  Sângeorgiu de Mures salt bath resort.

  • Fisherman’s Inn Câmpu Cetății

    Fisherman’s Inn welcomes guests in the heart of the picturesque mountain village, Campu Cetatii (Castle Field). Its foundation is based on pisciculture and the skill and experience of several generations.

    The pride of their work is represented by the roasted trout, which became known not only in the country but also abroad. The inn has a capacity of 400 seats.


Accommodation facilities

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